Alexander Krasotkin


Russian photoartist, journalist and poet. Born in 1970 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl district. Moved to Moscow in 1987. Graduated from Moscow Military Language Institute with diploma in journalism and linguistics (Chinese, English). Served in NAVY (Vladivostok). Graduated from California State University (East Bay) with MBA in Finance in 1998. Worked in leading russian and international banks. Started photography in 1999. Participated in a number of photo exhibitions and had numerous magazine publications. His artwork sits in private collections both in Russia and abroad. Works in various photography styles with preference for classic black & white and pictorial photography. His unique feature is a symbiosis of photography with poetry and short essays written in pre-reform Russian orthography.

Member of Photographers Union of Russian Federation.


2001 «Moscow, a lot in this sound…»
Moscow, Gallery “Preobrazhenskaya Square”
2004 Moscow Landsape Photography Exhibition
Moscow, Gallery “Belyaevo”
2009 Personal exhibition “My Country”
Moscow Ethnicity House
2010 Personal exhibition “Forever Young”
Rybinsk History & Art Museum
2011 Personal exhibition “Dreams of Russia”
Belgorod, City Gallery
2012 Personal exhibition “My Russia”
Luxembourg, Russian Centre of Science and Culture
2013 Personal exhibition “Way to Light”
Moscow, International Fund of Slav Culture, “Ardena” Gallery
2013 Personal exhibition “Dreams about Russia”
Rybinsk History & Art Museum

June 12- July 12 Personal exhibition “Way to Light”
St. Petersburg, “Svyatodukhouvsky” Hall, Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra.

November 19 - December 3. Personal exhibition “Dreams about Russia”. Moscow, International Fund of Slav Culture, “Ardena” Gallery


June 19- July 26 Personal exhibition “Way to Light”
Rybinsk History & Art Museum

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